What Modern Commitment Means for Couples

When you first got together, what did the word “commitment” mean to you? It’s a multifaceted concept, and if you got married decades ago, you may not have thought much about it. Many of us took our vows without reflecting much on the pledge we were making. That’s because marriage was generally seen as a

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5 Harmful Assumptions Couples Should NEVER Make

All of us make assumptions in our relationships. These “educated guesses” about what our spouses are thinking, feeling or doing may come from influences such as the media or what we’ve learned from family and friends. However, assuming we know where our partners stand — instead of taking time to ask them directly – is

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How Healthy Couples Relate to Their In-Laws

Most married people struggle with in-law issues at some point in time. If you feel your in-laws don’t accept you or they’re critical of your spouse, you are experiencing some of the conflicts that can plague these close family relationships. Having difficulties with your in-laws doesn’t mean you’re in a troubled marriage, though. Conflict of

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