Counseling: Couples Counseling in Las Vegas, NV

What you can gain from couples counseling

Every relationship has its challenges. What are yours?

Many people believe that couples counseling is only for people on the verge of a painful breakup. But the truth is, being in an intimate relationship is hard. Difficulties can arise at any point – and there’s no reason you should wait until you’re in so much agony that daily life becomes unbearable.

What can you gain from working with a qualified couples counselor? Here are just a few of the reasons Las Vegas area couples have worked with me over the past 20+ years. Do you recognize yourself and your relationship in any of these descriptions?

Your sex life is off. The spontaneous fun you used to have in bed seems to have vanished. You’re having difficulty asking for what you need – and when you do ask, you feel you’re not being heard.

You’re facing a major life change. Perhaps one or both of you are changing careers, which might mean moving somewhere new. Or you’re considering starting a family. You may even be dealing with a painful issue such as illness, job loss or the death of a family member.

You’re stuck on one particular issue that won’t go away. You argue about the same things over and over, from household chores to annoying habits to the need to manage your schedule better. Even with all the energy spent, you’re getting nowhere.

You come from very different backgrounds. You love and respect each other, but it’s often hard to see where your partner is coming from. You were raised in different worlds or cultures that strongly influence the way you react to each other.

One or both of you has cheated. Whether it’s sexual or not, someone has stepped outside the boundaries of your relationship. The trust you once felt has been weakened and you’re treating your partner with suspicion.

You’re worried about a mental health condition. Maybe one of you has a serious diagnosis – or you’re simply worried that your partner might be suffering from depression, bipolar disorder or another mental health issue. The symptoms are there, but you have no idea how to talk about it.


Though counseling can help with these and many other issues, the truth is that no two couples struggle with exactly the same challenges. This is because we bring our unique strengths and weaknesses with us when we form new relationships. Our fears, hopes, desires and experiences will affect the way we deal with conflicts as they arise.

In my practice, I follow a developmental model of therapy that aims to identify where couples are in the various stages of relationship growth. This approach helps you avoid the one-step-forward, two-steps-back pattern that doesn’t fully address what’s happening in the core of your relationship.

Instead of offering a temporary band-aid, the developmental model helps you see the basis of your differences. Working as a team, we can:

  • Define the hidden patterns within your relationship
  • Create a realistic plan that addresses what’s really happening
  • Foster relationship skills that will bring you closer together
  • Outline a plan for keeping your partnership strong over time

The good news is that change is already happening for you both. Take the next step right now by requesting your first appointment.