Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas, NV

More about the benefits of marriage counseling

The value of working with an experienced therapist who understands what you’re going through.

When we fall in love and decide to marry, we may not have a clear picture of the challenges that lie ahead. Marriage involves a complex set of roles and expectations that are set for us by society, our families and our own individual needs. Creating a relationship that works on all levels is no easy thing – and couples often need professional help as they navigate the issues.

Couples from the Las Vegas area come to me at all stages of marriage. Some are working their way through a painful event such as the loss of a career or a serious medical diagnosis. Others are worried about the loss of intimacy and closeness they once felt. Still others are locked in daily conflicts they feel powerless to resolve.

Regardless of where we begin, my goal as their marriage counselor is to help them see the issues clearly and build new skills that will empower them to face the challenges together.


Consider all the rules and requirements we place on marriage. For example, we want our spouses to fulfill our needs for:

Intimacy – We expect our partners to fulfill the range of our sexual desires and our need to feel loved, valued and understood.

Security – We want our partners to help us feel safe in the world. This can mean everything from financial security to the deep comfort of always having someone to turn to when we’re lonely, confused or sad.

Everyday Support – We want our partners to make our daily lives easier. Keeping a home, paying bills and often, raising children together add to the list of demands we place on our spouses.

Friendship – Along with love and sex, we may also want our spouses to act like best friends, noticing our moods and providing comfort and counsel when we’re struggling.

Social Standing – We expect our spouses to play a role in family and community life, too, serving as our “plus-one” for virtually all of life’s big moments and taking part in our relationships with parents, siblings, neighbors, friends and business associates.

When you consider all the expectations we have for our marriages, it’s easy to see why troubles can arise. We’re only human, after all – each with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. The goal, then, isn’t to be perfect at everything. It’s finding common ground where we can work out our own loving (though imperfect) relationship.


My role as your marriage counselor is not to judge who’s wrong or right. Instead, I am devoted to helping you communicate fairly and openly so you can work on the issues as a team.

Every marriage follows patterns that may be hidden from view. Getting them out on the table takes time and commitment. We will begin by creating a safe space where both partners feel free to speak truthfully about what’s happening. We will explore the differences in how you see things to create a base of mutual understanding. From there, we can begin to build the skills you need to strengthen your relationship from the inside out.

In my 20-plus years of working with Las Vegas area couples, I have successfully helped people deal with a wide range of marital challenges, including:

  • Love and Sex
  • Everyday Communication
  • Money and Careers
  • Children and Family
  • Health Challenges
  • Relocation and Other Life Transitions
  • Cheating and Dishonesty
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Leaving Your Faith Community
  • Depression and Other Mood Disorders
  • Physical and Verbal Abuse
  • Polyamory


Many married couples come to me feeling uncertain about their future. In this case, my role is to help them gain clarity and confidence in deciding which way to go.

I am not here to judge whether you should stay together or leave your marriage. Instead, I will use my skills as a therapist to guide the conversations you need to have. Together, we will work through the issues in a respectful way and explore which steps you should take next.

The good news is that change is already happening. Take the next step right now by requesting your first appointment.