Polyamory Therapy and Counseling in Las Vegas, NV

Exploring polyamory

I have a successful track record of working with polyamorous couples in the Las Vegas area to develop the loving, supportive relationships they seek.

When I met my first polyamorous couple more than a decade ago, I was impressed with the goals and challenges they brought to me.

Like all couples, they needed to build good communication, a sense of caring and closeness and a clear understanding of the expectations within their relationship. But because each partner had also chosen to enter into a secondary love relationship, the pressures they faced were quite complex.

Polyamory is often confused with swinging, key parties and 3-way sexual encounters. But in reality, it is none of these things. It is a voluntary choice made by responsible adults who have agreed to live and love in a unique way.

Couples who embrace polyamory are not simply opening the door to casual sex with others. In fact, polyamory is not solely about sex. In the purest sense, it means forming loving, intimate relationships with more than one person – with a deep sense of responsibility and respect for all parties involved.

Polyamorous couples deal with the same fundamental life choices that monogamous couples do. They must balance the demands of career, home and often, raising a family. But the presence of secondary and even tertiary relationships means that there are special considerations.


Setting clear agreements. Each partner must know what s/he can expect from the others. This will be influenced by the choices and living patterns of the couple involved. One crucial issue involves how partners will spend their time – since each relationship needs time and attention to thrive.

Fostering flexibility and trust. Partners in a polyamorous arrangement must trust each other implicitly. They must pledge to keep the terms of their agreements and to discuss issues as they arise. Living arrangements will require creativity and willingness to try different solutions to everyday issues.

Handling jealousy. Even though each partner has agreed to a non-monogamous arrangement, strong feelings of jealousy can develop. Open, honest communication and devotion to the terms of their agreements are vital in minimizing possessiveness and maintaining healthy relationships.

Dealing with infidelity. Partners in non-monogamous relationships sometimes cheat, too. Healing the hurt when one or more partners step outside the agreed-upon boundaries takes compassion and commitment – but with the right support, couples can work their way through the difficulties.

Encouraging partners to own their sexuality. Polyamory gives partners the freedom to explore love and intimacy in new ways. The arrangement frees all partners from the idea that one person should meet all their needs. Healthy agreements allow each individual to find fulfillment in the broader pattern of many adults loving and learning from one another.


The concept of polyamory isn’t well understood in our society, and this makes it difficult for couples to find professional support when they need it. I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to work with so many Las Vegas area couples, learning from their experiences and developing effective ways to help them meet the unique challenges of polyamorous living.

If you are searching for a seasoned couples therapist who respects your choices and will help you build strong, healthy relationships, I am ready to work with you.