I have created Couple counseling Therapy Las Vegas to provide Las Vegas area couples with high quality counseling services and expert guidance in dealing issues that can damage and, ultimately, destroy even the best of relationships.

Whether you’re on the brink of divorce or you just want to restore the closeness and joy you once felt, I am ready to work with you.

Here are just some of the issues I have successfully helped married and committed couples overcome.

  • Miscommunication
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual Issues
  • Jealousy and Insecurity
  • Financial Worries
  • Relocation and Other Big Changes
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Depression and Other Mood Disorders
  • Conflicts with Children and Family
  • Physical and Verbal Abuse


Many issues have the potential to blow up your entire relationship. Cheating is definitely one of them. Whether sex is involved or not, an outside relationship creates deep feelings of betrayal that are tough to overcome without professional help. Please contact me right now so you can begin to move through pain toward healing and, eventually, the restoration of trust between you.

Relocation and Other Big Changes

Any situation that pulls us away from the “norm” can touch off waves of disruption in our relationships. Moving to a new city might seem like a positive change, but it’s still a very tough time! I help Las Vegas couples deal with stressful transitions such as relocation, birth or adoption of a child, serious illness, death of a loved one and many more. Effective couples therapy will help you navigate the tough parts and come out even stronger together.

Sex and Money

These two subjects almost always come up in discussions of marriage and commitment. In fact, these are such crucial issues that I have pursued extensive training to help couples deal with them. I am ready to guide you through discussions of these sensitive subjects in a way that will put you at ease, yet hold you accountable to one another. With the right approach and a strong commitment to each other, you can resolve issues and come out stronger than ever.

Leaving Your Faith Community

Many men and women from strong religious backgrounds come to a point where they want to make a change. Leaving any faith community can be painful, even lonely — especially if religion has been the center of your life for a long time.

I have worked with many Las Vegas couples who sought support in creating a life outside their faith community. In the process, I’ve observed that while walking away can be hard, this transition can be made with strength and integrity. If you’re ready, I’m here for you.


Some couples make the decision to expand their lifestyle to openly include other partners. Responsible polyamory requires special skills that include honest, ethical communication. Non-monogamous couples must address all the standard issues of trust and jealousy, but at an entirely different level. At Couple Counseling Las Vegas, we do this with careful, thoughtful discussion and openness. I respect these alternate family structures and I will work in partnership with you to reach your relationship goals. Read more about my work with polyamorous couples here.


Some couples are actually not ready for therapy. In these situations, one partner may be thinking of ending the relationship while the other wants to make it work.

If you’re at a painful crossroads right now, you both need clarity and confidence in deciding which way to go. As a licensed marriage therapist and family counselor with extensive training in this area, I can help you sort through the issues and plan which steps to take next.

Change is already happening. Take the next step by calling for your first appointment.